Let’s be drunk!

Let’s be drunk!

Icon January 6, 2018
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One should always be drunk,

That’s a great thing, isn’t it?

I guess you should get drunk without respite

Wait…You said Drunk? Doesn’t being drunk cause reckless behavior among users?

Doesn’t it cause liver cancer?

Wooh…Hey…… Wait……..Hear me out Don’t scold me!! Just one more minute.

Have you given being “drunk” a thought?

Drunk with what?

Drunk with cycling adventures , hiking, a jog in the woods, swimming as you please.

If at sometime you happen to wake up, on the peak of a mountain, across the other side of your country side (maybe on your bike) , across the other side of the ocean

And find your drunkenness has vanished or is receding

Ask the bike, the woods, the mountain Ask them the what is the time,

And the bike, the woods and the mountains Will all reply

It is time to get Drunk!

So if you want to get lost in the right direction be perpetually drunk

With the mountains, the woods, running, the bike

As you please!

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