Five Ideas To Spend Quality Time With Family

Five Ideas To Spend Quality Time With Family

Icon January 27, 2018
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Run around together, ride bikes, play football or work together in the farm.
Run around with your kids together, ride bikes, play football or work together in the farm.

Africa’s population is increasingly becoming urbane. This has changed the way parents have been interacting with their kids. Bitange Ndemo, an associate professor at the University of Nairobi’s School of Business recently wrote an article on Business Daily dubbed: Children’s addiction to phones a wake-up call. He decried the fact that parents are using smartphones as a distraction or as entertainment gadgets.

Having this in mind, there is a need for families to spend meaningful time together, time that allows children to gain self-worth, build emotional ties, cultivate healthy lifestyles and build memories.

How can you make this happen? Here are five ideas that could undoubtedly help make the best of quality family time and form meaningful connections with your kids.


Exercise together.

Children are naturally full of energy. Make use of this and run around together, ride bikes, play football or work together in the farm. This is not only good for bonding but also for their health. mlg-30

Family nights.

The activity can change week to week. Switch off that Television and keep away those video games and consider activities such as card games, telling stories, or doing a craft. Make this regular and I am pretty sure you will be looking forward to it and enjoy it with a deeper sense of fulfillment and appreciation for the moment.

Eat dinner together often.

Evening meals are a perfect way to spend quality time together and connect. You could try to cook together once a week. By doing this you will be able to enjoy fun, valuable time with one another and kids will learn useful lifelong skills.

Set routines.

If possible, spending 20-30 dedicated minutes together every day before work and school or during evenings can make a huge difference in child’s day. Your routine can involve a bit of reading a book. It might surprise you at how valuable your children will view these short interactions later in their adulthood.

Travel together.

This is a great way for the family to get away from the norm. Consider being goofy, go out and enjoy each other’s company. Visiting national parks, road trips, organized adventures such as camping, biking, hiking and sightseeing with companies such as Active Motion Kenya once in a while is great idea.

Travel together
Travel together

This list is not in anyway exhaust-able! You can add anything that you feel like will get your kids from the current “norm”. You won’t regret it.

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Good tips. To be implemented:-). cheers


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