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About Us

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We offer fitness oriented outdoor adventures in the most natural environments for individuals groups and corporates in cycling, hiking, camps etc. We offer epic riding in stunning sceneries where you get to meet amazing people and build lasting bonds. All you have to do is get on your bike, hiking boots and you will get a true sense of what living active and healthy lives is all about. You will get to hike and ride in some of the most amazing trails from lush and lovely high lands in Limuru to the broad plains and the numerous hills in various parts of the country.


Our team



Patrick Njoroge


I grew up in a quite village in Limuru Kenya. My adventure bug began when I was still at the University studying Development Studies a field that I have practiced for a couple of years now. This bug led me into teaming up with Ben and Joe and together we established this lovely company! I'm an avid traveler and I continually seek out adventure. I love nature but what I really love is pushing the limits outdoors, whether its cycling or hiking. I feel at my happiest when I'm wandering outside.


Ben Njenga

Director & Trip Leader

Ben is a is a big fun of cycling and hiking.


Joseph Maina

Director & Trip Leader

Joe is an outdoor consultant by profession, hiking and cycling is what he does best. Moreover, he is also a photographer.

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